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You Will Learn

Input Secrets

We all know, crap in = crap out. The tone starts at the source, and when armed with the right knowledge and standard practices for optimizing input signal, you'll be able to start with something that can take you wherever your imagination can go.

Impulse Response Mastery

Impulse Responses are absolutely important in today's age where the tone can live or die by the cab and microphone combination. Learn everything you need to know to master IRs as well as how to create your own.

Guitar Tone Mixing

All the techniques and methods used to make leads jump out in a mix without swallowing your vocals, getting your bass and guitars to play well together, locking in and tightening up your tones, and more are all explained and taught in extreme detail.

Tonestep System

Step by step tone creation system developed over a decade of work on over 100+ albums that works every single time no matter what style of music you're working with or what type of tone you're going after.

You Will Get

Toneforge Bootcamp Course

30+ videos teaching you everything you need to know about input signals, reamping, impulse responses, bass tone, low gain tones, high gain tones, guitar and bass tone production, string life, rock, metal, country, and so much more. This part of the bootcamp alone will give you an incredible understanding of guitar and bass tone.

Tonestep System

Over 6 hours of in-depth training. This is the exact and precise step by step system for getting the perfect tone you're looking for on any guitar, bass, for any genre, every single time without worry or stress. This system gives you the confidence you need to make the exact tones you want and need, day in and day out over and over again.

In the Studio with JST

Tons of tactics, techniques, and strategies you can use with our JST family of audio plugins when it comes to guitar and bass tone. We cover everything from wicked awesome sharp, crisp, and cutting tones to smooth, buttery, magical cleans and big bottom, full, rounded bass tones to soaring, in your face, solos and leads. These videos will totally inspire you to use your existing plugin collection on a whole new level.

Presets, Cheat Sheets, and Tonepacks

You'll also get the Toneforge Mastery Preset Library which is a huge collection of presets for the Toneforge plugins, the Expert's Guitar and Bass EQ Cheat Sheet to put you on the fast track to EQing your instruments correctly, The Ultimate Pod Farm Vault containing Joey's entire collection of guitar tones for Pod Farm, and tons more that will give you all the tools and resources you need to conquer all guitar and bass tone.

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  • Dedicated Support
  • Tone Zone Community
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Our Students' Results

Josh Hissem

"I was a drummer and never really understood how an amp worked. I had no idea that you could use different amps and cabs to impact your sounds. Joey shows you how to get the sounds and tones you're looking for in your recordings. I've gone from using presets to actually dialing in tones and getting the sounds I'm hearing in my head. I've been a musician for 30 years, and Toneforge Bootcamp is the greatest thing I've ever invested in."

Dallas Allred

"My favorite part about it has to be how you explain the inner workings of some of the different Toneforge sims. It really helped to make dialing in a tone much quicker. I also like how you go beyond building the tone and explain what exactly makes a good tone to the point I feel confident making good tones with real hardware and other sims."


Daniel Dzewas

"I'm producing rock and metal bands in my local area, and of course my own band's music. My guitars were the aspect I had the most struggles with in my mixes so I decided to do the Toneforge Bootcamp and I've made huge progress since then. All in all, I definitely recommend checking out this course, you'll definitely profit from it."

Brent Cope

"Thanks to the topics in the course, it has taken my tones to that next level and really make my mixes slam whether it be metal, rock, country, whatever the case."


You'll Also Get

included ebook

the expert's guitar and bass eQ cheat sheet

Decades of real world mixing eq techniques and strategies laid out in an easy to understand set of charts and more!


included preset pack

joey's ultimate podfarm vault

All the best and most popular podfarm presets from joey's personal library

included preset pack

toneforge mastery preset library

a brand new compiled suite containing a special curated collection of ever-expanding presets for the entire line of toneforge models

Your Path To Tone Expert Your Path To Tone Expert

Enroll In Toneforge Bootcamp
This is the first step on your tone journey. Joining this program will put the techniques, knowledge, tools, and behaviors you need to truly master guitar and bass tone. Before too long, you'll be on your way to nailing the exact tones you hear in your head!
Intense Training Begins
You are officially on your way to becoming a Tone Expert. You’ll be learning all the techniques and strategy that go into creating great tones and the fundamental decision making skills necessary to forge and mix incredible tones.
Honing In Your Skills
We’ve all heard practice makes perfect thousands of times, but this is what separates the try-hards from the experts. You’ll engage in exercises and behavioral routines that will help to correct and improve the way you approach tone creation and mixing tones.
Becoming A Monster
By now you're making great progress, easily creating new tones, and discovering new sounds you've never achieved before. You're forging your own path and developing your own unique tonal palette! Impressive!
WEEKS 5 & 6
You're A Tone Expert!
You’ve truly unlocked your toneforging potential and you are now a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating and mixing guitar & bass tone. Congratulations!
WEEKS 5 & 6
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